**While the site is under construction some information may be short but we wanted to be sure we gave a little information in important areas such as this one.**

The commission process can vary depending on the specific project but for the most part the following Q&A should help

Q: How much does a commission cost or how is it priced?

A: The short quick answer is aprox $1.00 per square inch.  Smaller projects actually work out to more per square inch and large one less.

A longer answer would include a little more explanation about projects.  The average projects are homestead paintings from a photograph the client supplies.  The average sizes are 11×14 and 16×20 but these are just the typical standard sizes because they are easier to frame.

In most cases, where the photograph is provided, the following will apply:

11×14= $250

16×20= $350

24×36= $850

Q: What about the colorful animal paintings?  Are they prices the same as typical commissions?

A: No.  The colorful animal portraits are  less expensive as these can be painted much more quickly.

11×14= $125



Q: Tell me more about the initial process?

A: The image is provided buy the client; details and deadlines are discussed.

Q: Do I pay up front or at the end?

A: Typically a deposit equal to half the agreed upon fee is collected once work begins. The final half is due upon delivery or before if shipping is required.

Q: Who pays for shipping?

A: The client is responsible for the shipping fees before the item can be shipped.

Q:Will I see daily or weekly progress photos?

A: The artist may contact the client a few times with additional questions as she begins work or works through the painting but you may not necessarily see progress photos unless the artist has a question.


If you have any additional questions about commissions or acquiring prints or existing originals, please contact the artist.