Groundhog Biscuits

          Today being February 2nd and therefore Groundhog day, I think it is fitting that there be an introduction to one of the stories of a good friend of mine.  Also a fellow artist, Mack Anderson, is always telling stories and anecdotes which evoke smiles, chuckles and sometimes great big belly laughs!  He truly has the gift of verbal storytelling and his love for His savior, Jesus Christ, is evident in every syllable.  You walk away from a Big Mack story with a sore belly from laughing and a tingle in your heart… and maybe, just maybe, if you allow it to happen, you’ll walk away a little wiser.

Mack isn’t just a storyteller but also a bit of a jokester.  One of the most common things he does is make puns or ridiculous switch-ups with words.  One such word play switch-up backfired on him one morning, at the breakfast table as he sat to breakfast with a visiting grandchild.  His 8 year old granddaughter, Jade, had slept over at Maw Maw and Papa Mack’s the night before.  The smell of Maw Maw’s cook’in rousing even the sleepiest of little girls to the table, Jade was already enjoying a homemade sausage biscuit when her white bearded Papa enters the room in search of morning coffee.  

          Yawning between bites, Jade looks up at her Jolly Papa and smiles sleepily. “Morn’in, Papa Mack.”  As he pulls out a chair to sit, he says “Hey baby girl.  Is that groundhog biscuit good?” Jade’s eyes grew to the size of saucers and the biscuit dropped from her tiny dark fingers, onto the plate in front of her.  Images of the big ol chubby groundhog she’d seen out near the barn came to mind.  She had seen that big furry critter many times on visits to Maw Maw and Papa Mack’s.  It looked alot like a teddybear to her or a really fat cat!  How could her Papa cut it up and make biscuits with it?   

          Of course Mack hadn’t done any such thing!  He was just making a play on words to mean ground up pig or hog to be more specific and hadn’t realized that such a young one wouldn’t catch on to his pun as quickly as adults usually did.  Once the poor child was consoled and the whole ordeal sorted out, Jade and her Papa Mack would laugh about this mix up for years to come.  But just to be on the safe side, Jade wouldn’t touch a sausage biscuit from Maw Maw’s kitchen for nearly ten years!

Mack still plays on words and briefly confuses folks before getting chuckles and belly laughs at his wondrous foolishness with words.  I am sure that even the Good Lord gets tickled with himself, at times, at his creation of Big Mack Anderson.  Words can indeed be fun.  Words can also be powerful.  Heavenly Father Himself created life, the world and everything in it with words.  And the Bible instructs us that the Word *is* life.  He even implies that we cannot live without it, in  Matthew 4:4 where it says…Man shall not live by bread alonebut by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”  So crack open your bibles today and read.  Read anything but if it has been a while, start with the gospel of John.  For Jade can tell you that we cannot live on groundhog biscuits alone but on the Word of God.  

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