Where Attention Goes

"Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows and Grows..."

This little phrase can apply to so many different things. I use it in my yoga class but it can apply to your spiritual life, your family, your work and yes even your mood and state of mind. If attention is given to the negative thoughts, your energy will flow there and the negative will grow. Likewise, when attention is forced toward more positive thoughts, energy will flow there and more positive things will grow. I've lived in both spectrums of negative and positive in my 42 years and found I am much happier and have more friends over here in this glow of positivity. All that said, it was a difficult journey. It wasn't as easy as flipping a switch or deciding to do it. I had to seek positive people and positive environments so I could learn how to BE more positive. It was my own brand of "fake it till you make it". By pretending I was positive and upbeat, I attracted more positive experiences and people. Eventually, I really was and am a positive person who looks on the bright side! 
 In my case, it took the power of God to help me get here! I beseech you, if you find that you often feel down, negative and riddled with anxiety, seek God. Put your attention on whatever is good, whatever is positive, whatever is uplifting to your spirit. You can be happy if you put your energy and attention into growing a happiness from within. God will help you if you ask him to. It is like blinders being lifted.

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