Art by Mariah Hope

Fun pet and people portraits by commission

Custom Portraits

8×10———————–> $250
11×14———————–> $350
12×16———————–> $400

***There is a 30% non-refundable deposit required on all portraits or commissioned work of any kind.



6×6———————–> $100
8×8———————–> $150
10×10———————–> $175
12×12———————–> $250

**headshot canvases will include one subject per canvas and a simple background.


Simple designs and blocks of color ….. $20/sq. ft.

Average design concepts with moderate details ….$50/sq. ft.

Moderate complexity design with variety of elements and background to include higher detail level…. $70/sq. ft.

Complex design concepts with complex backgrounds
…..$100/ sq. ft.

***there is a $150-$500 charge for mural design sketches. 3 minor revisions included. Due upfront and separate from the total cost of the mural

How To Order

1. Contact Mariah

2. Pay A 30% Deposit*

3. Email Your Photo

*There is a 30% non-refundable deposit required on all portraits.
**A high resolution original photograph is required. 


About Me

Artist Mariah Hope grew up in the North Georgia Mountains on the banks of Deep Creek, swung rope swings, rode horses all over Dover Mountain and Timbrook; played in the cornfields, berry patches and the magical woods of her family farm. She found much joy in helping plant the yearly garden as well as prep the harvest for storage alongside her dear cousins and her beloved Aunt Suzanne. 
Mariah studied the Arts at a small liberal arts college in southern appalachia and then traveled across the US and Europe for 16 years. Now that her children are grown, the artist has settled into a more nomadic, free-spirited lifestyle, preferring  to travel around from show to show, experiencing new surroundings in which to paint and engage with interesting people.
Mariah’s work reflects her eclectic and whimsical spirit. She has painted everything from North Georgia landscapes and wildlife to the Colorado mountains and Texas beachscapes.  
Her gallery works tend to be the more conceptual pieces which utilize the textures and vivid color of mixed media, and often have a deeper spiritual meaning. Her versatility allows her to do unique custom pieces for clients.
Artist Mariah Hope enjoys consistent orders for custom portraits of pets as well as people and stays booked out 30-90 days so you’ll want to get your orders in well in advance of special occasions.  She also manages to do a few murals each year and loves to share progress on social media.  Be sure to follow the links provided to subscribe to her Youtube channel as well as TikTok and to see a full gallery of images, please follow her on Instagram.  
*For the most up to date schedule of public appearances, pop-up events, and seasonal specials, please sign up for her newsletter using the contact form. The contact form is also the perfect place to initiate placing an order for a custom portrait or to inquire about having a mural painted for your location.

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